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System Message

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Weather Station
Davis: Vantage Pro2, Vue  IP
Davis: Envoy8x  IP
Oregon Scientific: WMR-89, WMR-89A
Oregon Scientific: WMR-100, WMR-88
Oregon Scientific: WMR-200
Oregon Scientific: WMR-300
Oregon Scientific: WMRS-200
Oregon Scientific: WMR-968, WMR-928
Ambient Weather: WS-1090/2080/2090
Fine Offset WH-1080/2080/3080
Fine Offset WH-4000/2310
TE923, TE827, TE821, DV928, WS1640, W831
from Meade, Hideki, Mebus, IROX
Peet Bros: Ultimeter 100/800/2100
Rainwise: Mk III (mk3cc)
Rainwise: Mk III (cc-3000)
Acurite: 1025/1035/1525 (use "USB Mode 3")
Acurite: Internet-Bridge unlink sensors
La Crosse/ELV: WS-2300
La Crosse/ELV: WS-300-PC
La Crosse/ELV: WS-300-PC-2
La Crosse/ELV: WS-300-PC-US
La Crosse/ELV: WS-444
La Crosse/ELV: WS-500
La Crosse/ELV: WS-550-Technoline
La Crosse/ELV: WS-550-US
La Crosse/ELV: WS-550-2-US
La Crosse/ELV: WS-777
La Crosse/ELV: WS-888
HomeMatic/ELV: WDC 7000
Lufft: WS600
Thies: Clima Sensor US
Weatherflow: AIR and SKY unlink sensors
Ambientweather: WS-12-IP
Ambient Weather: Observer-IP 
Meteostick: WS1000 RF Sens. unlink sensors
Meteostick: Vantage RF Sens. Rain

Meteobridge Weather Cam
Ubiquiti CamIP:
Version 1.1Password:
External PictureURL:

Local Settings
Station Altitude:   Pressure Correction:
Tolerated age of data:  Temperature Offset: no windchill
Save historical data:  Rain Multiplier:
Wind Direction Adder: °  Humidity Stretch: →0%  →100%
Serial USB Switch:  Indoor Temp Offset: